The safety of SelectCCS has been demonstrated over several years and more than 20 clinical peer-reviewed publications. Thousands of SelectCCS cases have been performed since its introduction in 2010.

It’s important to note that trophectoderm biopsy is mandatory for all SelectCCS cases as it has been determined to be the safest method of embryo biopsy currently. Recent clinical data has demonstrated that cleavage stage biopsy resulted in nearly a 40% reduction in embryo implantation rates whereas trophectoderm biopsy showed no adverse effect on implantation rates.

The SelectCCS team works closely with your physician or office to coordinate the sending and receiving of biopsy material. All required local, state, and national regulations are followed closely to ensure the safest and most effective handling of your case.

In 2013 RMANJ donated SelectCCS to the Foundation for Embryonic Competence (FEC), a non-profit organization dedicated to improving outcomes and advancing knowledge in the areas of research, diagnosis, and education (


Latest Published Success Rates with SelectCCS

In a recent clinical trial, SelectCCS demonstrated excellent delivery rates with 84.7% of patients achieving a delivery in the SelectCCS group3. These results were produced at RMANJ. Success rates and individual experience will vary from program to program and patient to patient. Ask your physician how SelectCCS can help improve your chances for success with IVF.

Source: Scott RT, Jr., Upham K, Forman E, Hong K, Scott K, Taylor D, Tao X, Treff NR. Blastocyst biopsy with comprehensive chromosome screening and fresh embryo transfer significantly increases in vitro fertilitzation implantation and delivery rates; a randomized controlled trial. Fertil Steril 2013. In Press.